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Product Image (VD-148)

Protein Powder (Sugar Free) Chocolate Flavour

Price: 230.00 INR

Protein powders can help women lost fat, tone up and improve strength. ... Egg white protein powder is a popular supplement used to boost protein ... Plus, egg white protein is highly absorbable and dairy-free, making it .... Many protein powders come in sweet flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Product Image (3004)

Omega 3 Faty Acids

Price: 2080.00 INR

mega 3 Faty Acids + EPA 90mg + DHA 60 mg +Green Extract + 10*1*10 Blister Softgel 300.00 +Ginsing Extract+ginko Biloba+Grap Seed Extract+ Vitamins+Minerals+Trace Elements Sofgell caps

Product Image (VD-151)

Anumix Plus

Price: 950.00 INR

Scientific literature documents lycopene's antioxidant activity and its use in cancer prevention (breast and prostate), as well as its use in the prevention of heart/blood vessel disease.

Product Image (Vaxvit-G)

Softgel Capsules Multi Vitamins Minerals Capsules

Price: 950 INR
  • Delivery Time:5 Days
  • Supply Ability:5000 Per Day
  • Drug Type:General Medicines
  • Suitable For:Adults
  • Ingredients:Multivitamin, Multiminerals, Antioxidants & Ginseng
  • Quantity:100 Boxes
  • Function:Other
  • Physical Form:Capsules
  • Storage Instructions:keep it away from moisture

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